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Class orion.editor.TextMateStyler

Extends orion.editor.AbstractStyler.
A styler that knows how to apply a subset of the TextMate grammar format to style a line.

Styling from a grammar:

Each scope name given in the grammar is converted to an array of CSS class names. For example a region of text with scope keyword.control.php will be assigned the CSS classes
keyword, keyword-control, keyword-control-php

A CSS file can give rules matching any of these class names to provide generic or more specific styling. For example,

.keyword { font-color: blue; }

colors all keywords blue, while

.keyword-control-php { font-weight: bold; }

bolds only PHP control keywords.

This is useful when using grammars that adhere to TextMate's scope name conventions, as a single CSS rule can provide consistent styling to similar constructs across different languages.

Top-level grammar constructs:

Regular expression constructs:

Scope-assignment constructs:

Other features:

Defined in: </shared/eclipse/e4/orion/I201107200200/plugins/org.eclipse.orion.client.editor/web/orion/editor/textMateStyler.js>.

Class Summary
Constructor Attributes Constructor Name and Description
orion.editor.TextMateStyler(textView, grammar)
Creates a new TextMateStyler.
Methods borrowed from class orion.editor.AbstractStyler:
_onDestroy, _onLineStyle, _onModelChanged, _onSelection, destroy, initialize
Class Detail
orion.editor.TextMateStyler(textView, grammar)
Creates a new TextMateStyler.
{orion.textview.TextView} textView
The TextView to provide styling for.
{Object} grammar
The TextMate grammar as a JavaScript object. You can produce this object by running a PList-to-JavaScript conversion tool on a .tmLanguage file.

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