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Class orion.explorers.explorer-table.FileExplorer

A user interface component that displays a table-oriented file explorer
Defined in: </shared/eclipse/e4/orion/I201304240935/plugins/org.eclipse.orion.client.ui/web/orion/explorers/explorer-table.js>.

Class Summary
Constructor Attributes Constructor Name and Description
Creates a new file explorer.
Class Detail
Creates a new file explorer.
{Object} options.treeRoot
an Object representing the root of the tree.
{orion.selection.Selection} options.selection
the selection service used to track selections.
{orion.fileClient.FileClient} options.fileClient
the file service used to retrieve file information
{String|Element} options.parentId
the id of the parent DOM element, or the parent DOM element itself.
{Function} options.rendererFactory
a factory that creates a renderer
{Boolean} options.excludeFiles
specifies that files should not be shown. Optional.
{Boolean} options.excludeFolders
specifies that folders should not be shown. Optional.
{orion.serviceregistry.ServiceRegistry} options.serviceRegistry
the service registry to use for retrieving other Orion services. Optional. If not specified, then some features of the explorer will not be enabled, such as status reporting, honoring preference settings, etc.

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