openssl-perl - Perl scripts provided with OpenSSL

License: OpenSSL
Vendor: Scientific Linux
OpenSSL is a toolkit for supporting cryptography. The openssl-perl
package provides Perl scripts for converting certificates and keys
from other formats to the formats used by the OpenSSL toolkit.


openssl-perl-1.0.1e-42.el7_1.9.x86_64 [57 KiB] Changelog by Scientific Linux Auto Patch Process (2015-06-29):
- Eliminated rpmbuild "bogus date" error due to inconsistent weekday,
  by assuming the date is correct and changing the weekday.
openssl-perl-1.0.1e-42.el7_1.5.x86_64 [56 KiB] Changelog by Tomáš Mráz (2015-03-26):
- drop the AES-GCM restriction of 2^32 operations because the IV is
  always 96 bits (32 bit fixed field + 64 bit invocation field)

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