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Windows Users, Read These First...

Warning: TCP/IP networking must be installed

TCP/IP must be correctly installed, configured and running in order to install and use Apache Tomcat Connectors on Windows.

Warning about the Quality of Service driver

We suggest disabling the "Quality of Service" (or QoS) network driver from Microsoft if you primarily use the machine as an Web Server, as connector does not support the QoS extensions to the WinSock API.

Warning about Firewall and similar software

Most Firewall programs, Web Spam filters and other TCP/IP driver-based products (including spyware!) do not correctly implement the entire WinSock API. The shortcuts taken by the developers of such products could cause connector to fail.

The current stable release is 1.2.49

See the Apache Tomcat Connectors changelog for the complete list of features and bugs fixed in this release.

Debugging and Source Code

You can find a corresponding archive of the debugging databases in the symbols/ directory, these are typically not needed. This archive can be unpacked into the web server installation directory, providing all of the .pdb diagnostic files allowing most Windows debugging tools (and the Dr. Watson utility) to produce useful crash analysis.

You will find the source code package in the /dist/tomcat-connectors/jk/ source tree. The file contains only source and build files, and contains no binary executable files.

This binary release was created with Microsoft Windows DDK 7.1, using a more recent Platform SDK.