Short: HARdCORE #4 scene diskmag Author: Uploader: domin8r galeb etf bg ac yu Type: demo/mag Architecture: m68k-amigaos ______ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ __ _____ ______ _) _Y _Y _Y _Y _Y _Y__Y_ _Y (_ \_ |_\_ | \_ l_\_ l_\_ | \_ `-\_ / | \_ | _/ | l | | | | | | |--, | / | | | l__ l_____l__|2Fl__| l_____l__ l_/l_____l__| | `--' `--' `--' brings ya... hARdCORE #4! created by: Marcus Garvey - held responsible for the general layout of the pages and a bit of html Q - THE html master! you could say the coder of this issue ;>> Asarhad - menu clip, intro picture creator and featured musician in music #1 phuzzy logik - hard working article writer and featured musician in music #3 and dominator - the article collector through embedded data connection and featured musician in music #2 and #4 this archived release of hARdCORE #4 is meant for the people who couldn't afford the time and money to read the mag online. it has many kilobytes of text, that just can't be read without many hours paid to provider. this release is also meant for those who even don't have a money nor interest to go to the net. we deeply respect your reasons too, so that's why we release it this way. the only thing you need is IBrowse or Netscape to see it in full effect. If you don't have one of them, please don't waste your time anymore on other stupid browsers and FIND one of them. they both are the only browsers worth supporting at the moment, simply because they WORK AS THEY SHOULD, respecting the HTML! go fetch one of those at: IBrowse (AmigaOS) Netscape (All others) both are freely downloadable, with the note that IBrowse is commercial product, but there is a fully functional DEMO version available for download. we tested it with IBrowse 1.12 and Netscape 4. html scenemag? well.... one day, we realised that our hARdCORE coder had to leave for army service. since yugoslav army service is pretty tricky and leaves you no free breathe to live for ONE FULL YEAR, that meant that we LOST the hARdCORE coder for a full year! we couldn't wait a full year just to get another issue released! so, we sat down and used our big html knowledge to make this issue. we saw it as a temporary replacement for our beloved coded diskmag issues. however, when we finally made it, we now see it not just as a replacement but it as also a nice way to make it available to more people! however, this doesn't mean that we stopped the development of coded hARDCORE editions! all issues released in coders absence will be reissued later, in original state, with the same content, so everyone will get the full taste of it. CoRRoSioN net presence: CoRRoSioN HOMEPAGE: CoRRoSioN ftp site: hARdCORE ONLINE: SCENE STRIKE 2: CREATIVE TECH WEEK/SS1: e-mail of the responsibles. Marcus Garvey: Asarhad: DoMiNAToR: phuzzy løgik: q: dominator/corrosion, corrosion productions 1997.