The are 3 possible ways to install Eclipse CommaSuite:

  • Download a product, which is a completely installed Eclipse, from folder product. Note that there are version for linux, macOS and Windows.

    • Create a folder high in the folder hierarchy (a deeply nested folder might give problems with long paths). Extract the zip file into that folder. This may take some time because Java is included.

    • Test it by executing CommaSuite.exe, e.g., launching it with the default workspace.

  • Install it as a plugin into an existing version of the Eclipse tool; see folder plugin.

  • As a command line tool, see folder cli. Documentation about the command line tool can be found in the Eclipse CommaSuite User Guide.

Help and Examples

Help can be obtained in a running Eclipse with the CommaSuite framework by selecting
Help > Help Contents > Eclipse CommaSuite User Guide

The tool also provides a number of example projects, select
File > New > Example